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Why Direct Healthcare?

Most people are familiar with the usual healthcare system in which a person has health insurance and goes to the doctor as needed. While this system works for some, it can be problematic for others. High copays, surprise bills, and lack of access to doctors and services are some issues that can arise. That is where Direct Healthcare comes in.

How Direct Healthcare Works

With Direct Healthcare, members pay a small monthly fee for unrestricted primary care. This care is provided by a team of doctors who get to know their patients well and provide individualized care. Because no insurance companies are involved, patients don’t have to worry about copays or being denied coverage for certain services.

Telehealth services and same-day appointments are also included in every Direct Healthcare plan. Members can consult with their doctor via text, phone call, or video chat when they have a question or concern. Same-day visits ensure members can get in to see their doctor quickly if needed.

The Advantages of Direct Healthcare

There are many reasons why Direct Healthcare might be a good option for you when searching for a specialist or primary care physician in Scottsdale:

More individualized care

Because Direct Healthcare doctors get to know their patients well, they can provide more individualized care than possible in a traditional setting.

Less expensive

You’ll pay one monthly fee for Direct Healthcare, which can be much less expensive than health insurance premiums plus copays.

More convenient

Have a question for your doctor outside regular office hours? You can reach your doctor anytime, day or night with telehealth services. Plus, same-day visits make it easy to get in to see your doctor when you need to.

Proven, Quality Doctors

Direct Healthcare is dedicated to offering personalized and comprehensive care for our patients. This commitment starts with the selection of our doctors, who are hand-picked and bring a wealth of experience to their practice. Our award-winning Direct family care and primary care doctors in Scottsdale continue receiving ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the latest medical advancements and treatments. We prioritize not only the qualifications of our doctors but also their bedside manner and ability to connect with patients on a personal level. At Direct Healthcare, we believe that this combination of expertise and empathy sets us apart as providers of high-quality medical care.

No insurance companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. With Direct Healthcare, you don’t have to deal with it since no insurance is involved.

Whether you’re unhappy with your current situation or looking for something different, Direct Healthcare might be right. Contact us today to learn more about Direct Healthcare and whether it’s a good fit for you, and book your free consultation.

Direct.Healthcare Traditional Primary Care
What is it? DPC allows you as a Member to unrestricted primary care for a small monthly fee, instead of dealing with copays, surprise bills, lack of access to doctors and services due to insurance, and many other dilemmas that come up when dealing with insurance companies. Primary care provider uses an insurance network when billing/ treating patients. Collect Co-Pays, use endless codes to justify visits, delayed billing, hidden costs all behind large administration complexities
Who is it for? Uninsured, Under-insured, and the Insured who want a more personalized concierge care. Patients covered by insurance complexities
Service Offered Preventative and primary care, telehealth visits, and small in-office procedures, such as ECG, Spirometry, skin tag & wart removals, well-woman exams, medication refills, and more. Preventive, sick care, lab work, immunizations, diagnostic testing, and more. Not always covered depending on network, provider, insurance denials and service received, leaving you with large medical bills.
Average wait time for an appointment SAME DAY | NEXT DAY 23 days
Average time spent in the waiting room 2-5 Minutes 20-30 Minutes
Average length of a patient visit 45 MINUTES 7-10 Minutes
Average amount of patient’s doctors sees per day 5-10 25-30
In house pharmacy and lab YES Maybe
Telehealth Visits YES Maybe
Direct Communication via phone, text, email YES Maybe
Why Direct

Cost Savings

Thanks to our proactive, patient-centered approach, our members enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs—and our employers save, too.


Complete Care

We cover your entire healthcare journey from routine care to chronic condition management to urgent care and more.


Care Anytime

With same or next-day appointments, you spend less time waiting and more time with your care team.

Accepting New Members

Direct Healthcare Membership

Find a personal physician that's right for you.

Ages 18 and Older


*No registration fee for new or existing patients
**Membership with Direct Healthcare does not constitute health insurance. Read more.

Always there where you need us.

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