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Every DIRECT partner provider has been vetted by our DIRECT Concierge to ensure all DIRECT Members have the most amazing healthcare experience at a special DIRECT Preferred Rate. From MRIs to Physical Therapy, DIRECT has you covered.

Weightloss, Peptide Therapies, IV Therapies


At Prevene®, we focus on what matters most when creating a customized program for you. We partner with our patients to develop customized programs designed specifically to prevent chronic disease, develop muscle (the foundation of our lives), burn fat, reduce stress on the body and mind and create a new lifestyle that provides the BEST quality of life.



Sonora Quest Laboratories is the nation’s largest integrated laboratory system with approximately 3,500 employees serving more than 33,000 patients every day throughout Arizona. We are the market share leader in clinical laboratory testing in Arizona, performing more than 97 million diagnostic tests per year.

Imaging (MRI / CT / X-Ray)


It really does matter where you get your diagnostic medical imaging.

SMIL Medical Imaging provides state-of-the-art diagnostic medical imaging and interventional radiology through our 12 outpatient centers.

SMIL has over 50 radiology physicians, each one fellowship-trained in one of 10 different imaging specialties, and many hold additional academic positions in leading institutions.

Alternative Options To High Cost Health Insurance

Zion Health is a non-profit medical healthshare program specializing in providing members an alternative to high-cost health insurance to help cover your larger, unexpected medical costs beyond your DPC membership.  Zion Health members are not restricted by networks and other limitations of traditional insurance. Interested members need to click on one of the below URL links to enroll. Direct Healthcare is listed as an “affiliate” with Zion Health. 

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