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No. We do not take or bill health insurance at Direct Healthcare. We focus on best in class health care and services by with a personal physician outside the administrative burdens.

As a society, We want to pay lower health insurance premiums and have better healthcare. This can be accomplished with direct contracting with a Personal Physician who will work for YOU instead of an Insurance Company. Primary Care has evolved into a burdensome system referring patients to higher out-of -pocket costs, but not any longer, because each member gets their own personal physician to find root causes in disease while also being comprehensive about prevention so you are able staying healthy all the while advocating on your behalf to find the most cost effective prices for additional healthcare needs. We believe everyone deserves a personal physician.

While both direct health care and concierge practices charge membership fees, there are two big differences between the models. First, direct health care charges a much lower membership fee than concierge. Concierge practices can charge several hundred or even several thousand dollars a month because they typically target high net worth individuals. Second, concierge practices may also bill insurance and still operate in a fee-for-service model. Direct health care does not accept or bill insurance. This will limit any claims seen by an administrative insurance company.

Direct Healthcare is an innovative yet simple way of changing primary care as we know it, to more of a personal experience with a personal physician; this enables providers to have a limited number of members. Without insurance hinders, there is no “middle man” which eliminates administrative waste and helps patients gain better access to high quality healthcare. It is all about having better relationships with your doctor. Members will receive ongoing care from their doctor with zero unforeseen copays, convenient scheduling options, near wholesale prices on medications and blood work, and even imaging. Our goal is to save money by paying directly for services. In addition, direct healthcare allows you as a patient to all inclusive primary care services for a monthly fee, instead of dealing with copays, surprise bills, poor access due to insurance, and many other dilemmas that come up when dealing with insurance companies.

  • Best in Class Doctor-patient relationship
  • Flat monthly fee to have access to unlimited primary care
  • Not sending claims to insurance providers
  • Less time in the office, more time with the doctor
  • Same-day or next-day visits

Total Monthly Investment:

  • $ 99 | Month for new patient
  • $ 87 | Month for renewing patients (Second year renewal)
  • An existing patient discount of $ 87 | Month
  • If covered in Full - Receive an additional 5% off Membership
  • Yes. Having direct health care does not mean that you do not need insurance. We still recommended that you have insurance to protect yourself from significant medical expenses such as specialist care, hospital stays, surgeries, and other treatments not included within the scope of a personal physician.
  • Approximately 80% of annual healthcare needs are covered by primary and preventative care. However, Patients should carry health insurance for protection against big expenses from unpredictable major medical events.
  • We recommend pairing a Direct Healthcare membership with a high-deductible health plan or a medical cost-sharing product.

The membership fee can often pay for itself because of our established associations with pharmacies, local labs, and imaging centers. In addition, with our Direct Primary Care program, you can get wholesale contracted pricing to services such as blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and additional services for low cash prices.

Direct primary care has many goals. One of which is to reduce the rising trend of insurance premiums. This is done by utilizing health insurance like car insurance. Patients may pay for minor maintenance items but have insurance for catastrophic events. For example, if your car insurance paid for premium gas, tire rotations, and oil changes, then the premiums would go up and up. By utilizing a direct model, the goal is to reduce overall spending, and hopefully, one day, we all can see our premiums get back to what they were before.


Studies by DPC groups Qliance and Access Healthcare Direct both showed a 65% reduction in emergency department visits and a 30% to 50% reduction in hospitalizations for patients in DPC practices. They also found that DPC patients report higher satisfaction, maintain better blood pressure control, and have fewer specialist visits and surgical procedures.

Reports show that 80-90% of problems can be solved by a highly qualified personal physician, and 80% of that could be done with telemedicine. Just like a Netflix membership, direct primary care charges a flat membership fee for unlimited primary care, telehealth visits, and even a simple phone call to handle your healthcare needs.

  • Prescription drugs, labs, and imaging are not included but will search out the best prices to reduce costs with transparent pricing.
  • Weight loss programs are not included in the membership.

Studies show that having a primary care physician saves on urgent care visits and emergency room visits and improves overall health. Prevention saves an enormous amount of money downstream if it was readily available to every person. The yearly cost of direct primary care is less than most out-of-pocket deductibles, as patients would have to pay for any medical expense.

Our doctors have negotiated cash-pay arrangements with local labs and imaging to help patients find the best combination of services and pricing for the treatment they need. Still, it's recommended that you carry medical insurance that covers catastrophic and significant medical expenses as well as non-generic drugs. You may use your insurance for such services if that insurance is contracted with the lab.

Patients on Medicare or Medicaid may use direct primary care providers. However, they will have to sign an agreement stating that any and all services provided will not be billed to Medicare or Medicaid.

Yes, but we would be considered your personal physician outside the insurance model. What this means is that you would still need to establish care with your insurance based primary care provider assigned to you by your HMO insurance plan. You will need to do so in order to be covered for any special care, imaging and labs as your HMO insurance requires testing to be ordered by the primary care physician on your insurance plan.

Kathleen Ann Galekovic

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Thanks to our proactive, patient-centered approach, our members enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs—and our employers save, too.


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**Membership with Direct Healthcare does not constitute health insurance. Read more.

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