DIRECT Pricing

Transparency at its best.

See the DIRECT savings.

Affordable and effective, our plans are priced to maximize your benefit while minimizing the strain on your wallet. That’s something most fee-for-service institutions can’t say.

Direct Healthcare Memberships

Find a personal physician that's right for you.

Everyone deserves happiness in healthcare!

Now $87/Mo. for everyone

Make It a DIRECT Year

5% off an annual membership paid in full


Limited Number of Members To Each Provider | Ages 18 and Older

*No registration fee for new or existing patients
**Membership with Direct Healthcare does not constitute health insurance. Read more.
***Second year renewal $87/Mo.

Member Benefits

Personal Physician

Office | Telehealth | Phone | Text | Email

No Surprise Billing

No CoPay | No Insurance | No deductibles

Negotiated Wholesale Pricing

Prescriptions | Labs | Imaging

Longer Visits

2x more time with your provider

Better Access

Limited Patient Panel per Provider

Comprehensive Care

Urgent | Preventative | Chronic

Same & Next Day Appointments

Urgent Care | Chronic Care

A Phone Call Away For Most

Prescription Refills | Labs Review | Urgent Questions


Cost Savings

Thanks to our proactive, patient-centered approach, our members enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs—and our employers save, too.


Complete Care

We cover your entire healthcare journey from routine care to chronic condition management to urgent care and more.


Care Anytime

With same or next-day appointments, you spend less time waiting and more time with your care team.

Always there where you need us.

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